Hello, friends! I have a proposal to think about the following problem. There is an idea to create an interactive analog of the site by housing its materials in the chambers of the virtual 3D castle, based on Castel del Monte in southern Italy, constructed by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen (1194–1250), Holy Roman Emperor and King of Sicily – the historical prototype of the Crimson King (read the “Mysteries” block). On each of its two storeys there are eight trapeziform apartments, in the middle – the open octahedral yard with the common balcony on the first floor level.

The Castle is already under construction by programming genius Sasha Kuzyaev and inventor of genius Lyusya Fadeeva, and it will be settled on the “Aziopia” portal. The question is how to organize the walk over its halls more interesting and unusual, how to turn the site visiting into a game. I’m waiting for proposals from theorists as well as from practical workers, specialized in computer design. One can write on the Forum or to me directly.