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Vladimir Kalnitsky
The Russificated KING CRIMSON
Saint Petersburg: Publishing house "Crystal", Joint-stock company "FONO", 2000
ISBN 5-306-00043-6

KING CRIMSON is the legend of world rock music. If you are not familiar with them, then this is a book for you. Some unique benefits of this book are; competent text structure, abundance of rare facts, and the understanding of what can be interesting not only for KING CRIMSON fans, but also for those who are just now getting acquainted with the legend. Let us take a look at the chapters. "Chronicles of the Crimson King" - history of the group; the smallest chapter, considering that their biography was printed multiple times and in detail. "Revelations of the Crimson King" – lyrics, as well as remarkably literal translation with none of the foolish attempts to rhyme the translated text. "Treasures of the Crimson King" - the most detailed discography: all editions and reprints of albums; listing of who participated in each recording and which instruments were played; images of covers for each album/disk. "Mysteries of the Crimson King" - the most interesting chapter, including interpretation of lyrics and comments by the long-term KING CRIMSON author Pete Sinfield, with whom Kalnitsky was in active correspondence. "Journal of the Crimson King" - extracts from newspaper articles of different years and records from Fripp’s diary with a lively text, reproducing an atmosphere of 60s – 70s, when KC was at the peak of its popularity and success. "The Russificated KING CRIMSON" is almost a scientific work, written in a normal human language. We shall mention excellent design, solid hard cover, and high quality paper. In other words, this is the book, which KING CRIMSON admirers in Russia deserve.

The FUZZ magazine #3 2001

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