От: Peter J Sinfield

Кому: Vladimir Kalnitsky

Копии: Jon Green, Neil Ingram, Lucy Andre, Andrew Keeling

Дата: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:29:12

Тема: Re: Merry Christmas & happy New Year! A returned Thank you *PjS*

HI Vladamir & all in the band,

Thank you.

Love the stomping prog tune on your card... unfortunately I could not read the TEXT ;-(

Not to worry... Keep up the good works... I have returned the favour by attaching an unfinished er... "Rusky/Reggae/Trombone Tune" which might one day get on to my second solo album; if Poli Palmer & I live long enough to finish the damned thing.

[A Tune, not so much for a car advert, as to accompany a happy tractor driver HA ]

Meanwhile SSOS (as you can see from the postscript to this emai) goes from strength to strength ...

Very Best wishes and continued success for the New Year,


( This email has been copied to many good people who have been recent kind, called or sent me greetings in the run up to, and the staggering past, another Xmas+Birthday. Love, blessings & thank you all. *PjS*) 

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