The layer of modern music culture, in the center of which King Crimson is situated, hardly leaves indifferent any of the true music fans. In spite of the fact that the attitude towards Robert Fripp and his adherents varies from a complete delight to a full aversion, nobody denies, that they have rendered appreciable influence on all progressive music of the last three decades of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty first century. Absorbing all the best from the classics, jazz, rock and avant guarde, they constantly find new, sometimes shocking, forms and means of expression. Texts of compositions, executed by the group, happen to be so complex and multilevel, that they perplex even those for whom English language is native. Lack of information – this is the sensation that never leaves each thoughtful listener. We hope that "IndoorGames" will become a great gift for the Russian-speaking King Crimson admirers and maybe even slightly open the door to mysterious worlds created by this surprising phenomenon.

"IndoorGames" is based on the text of "The Russificated King Crimson", a book by Vladimir Kalnitsky, published in Saint Petersburg in December, 2000. Currently however, “IndoorGames” considerably surpasses the book by the sheer volume of the latest information.

Materials of the following works have been used with authors' permission while creating "IndoorGames":
Steven Sthole "The Greatest Band In the Universe" (farewell, Friend);
Jon Green "Promenade the Puzzle. The Poetic Vision of Peter Sinfield";
Sid Smith "In the Court of King Crimson";
Eric Tamm "From Crimson King To Crafty Master";
Daniel Kirkdorffer "King Crimson Timeline";
John Relph & Robert Steinberger "The Robert Fripp Discography".

"IndoorGames" consists of seven main blocks:
Chronicles of the Crimson King: history of the group from the moment of creation till today; chronology and incarnations of the Crimson King.
Journal of the Crimson King: extracts from articles in music periodical press and Robert Fripp’s diaries, as well as a number of author's materials concerning the latest history of the group.
Revelations of the Crimson King (Russian and English versions): all the lyrics from ever recorded Giles, Giles & Fripp and King Crimson compositions; search of texts.
Treasures of the Crimson King (Russian / English version): full official Giles, Giles & Fripp and King Crimson discographies; search of disks and tracks; statistics.
Mysteries of the Crimson King: why the King is crimson; the inner meaning of the first four ("Sinfield’s") albums.
Gifts of the Crimson King: results of correspondence and meetings.
Court of the Crimson King: presentation of "The Russificated King Crimson" book; in memory of the poet Sergey Druzhinin; meetings with "crimheads".

The flexible system of cross searches of texts, disks, and tracks is created on the "IndoorGames" for the readers’ convenience.

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